Cha-ching! The Ohio BWC board of directors just decided Ohio organizations will receive $1.5 billion in workers’ comp rebates. Specifically, the Ohio BWC is refunding a whopping 88% of the 2017 premiums that companies paid. Companies can expect their checks in September of this year. 

So what should employers do with this refund? It’s by no means a comprehensive list, but here are 10 of the top reasons why you should invest your refund into an all-in-one digital EHS system.

1. To change culture

So much is talked about when it comes to fostering a great, safety-first culture. A great culture usually includes values that are lived out and visible throughout the organization, great communication, positive accountability, a commitment to learning, consistency in supporting safety, leadership that connects with all levels of the company, and having systems for feedback and measurement. 

Now’s your chance to directly invest in those areas.

2. To show employees you care

Investing in an all-in-one digital EHS system helps to show you care about your workers’ health and safety. After all, it’s a tool that helps workers to stay engaged with their own safety. For example, how many organizations can say that their workers—no matter where they are located—have the ability to quickly and easily report unsafe work conditions, a hazard they see, a near-miss, or even a safety suggestion?

An all-in-one digital EHS system will allow you to put that power in the hands of every worker, whether they are in the field or in the office (1).

3. To retain your top talent

If you want to retain top talent, you certainly want to empower your people as a place to start. You also want to help them know they are a good fit for their role…and future role; you need to help them grow their skills in a meaningful way; you need to provide ongoing learning opportunities for them; and you (as an employer and manager), need to show them you care about them as an individual. You also want to spend time investing in and building a workplace environment they feel values and respects their entire well-being as an individual.  

All of this can be done, and is made more possible, by an effective EHS system and safety program. It’s no wonder, then, that employee engagement is tied to better safety (1).

4. To attract new employees

The safety of a work environment is one of the top things employees consider when evaluating a job offer today (1). In fact, that’s ranked higher in importance than opportunities for professional growth, showing just how important it is to show recruits and candidates that you are a safety-first organization. So not only does safety add to your goodwill and brand reputation, but it can help you market to and recruit the right kind of candidates for your organization (1).

5. To prevent injuries and keep employees safe 

The easiest way to prevent injuries and keep employees safe is to establish a safety and health program that controls hazards, which is what your EHS system should be designed to do. Additionally, this program should train employees on the policies/procedures and how to deal with those hazards. 

It can also help you provide relevant information to employees in an easy and accessible way; Critical items like SDS, emergency response information, and work instructions are critical to ensuring worker safety, and an ideal EHS system helps you make those available to your workers.

You also need to continuously assess the work environment for the control of identified risk or the introduction of new risks. Also, employee training retention is an important piece in preventing injuries. 

In the event of any incidents, you need to be able to capture the right information as soon as possible. Using a digital, managed workflow can make sure you don’t miss any critical details. It also can make sure you go through the same disciplined approach to investigation incidents across your organization.

Additionally, there are opportunities to improve your safety program and collect information related to near misses, concerns people have, as well as employee-submitted safety suggestions. 

6. Because it’s the future

The future of safety is going to be more streamlined, increasingly mobile, less complex, and real-time data will be used to improve safety. There’s no better time than now to move away from an outdated system that can hurt your safety efforts. 

7. To reduce complexity 

One of the best things about an all-in-one digital EHS system is that it gives you control and ownership over safety. So, now that you have the money for it, you can have much-needed accountability and complete visibility into any hazard, incident, or injury. 

Another way of thinking about it: gaining “control” of all the safety activities in your company and reducing the complexity around improving your safety program is a great way to invest in safety.

8. To invest in the future of the company

It’s hard not to justify an investment in culture. The returns will be immediately valuable and will empower your people from the get-go, but an effective EHS management system will also continue working for you for years to come (1).

9. To get a clear ROI

A harsh reality is that using an outdated paper program is dangerous and costly for any organization today. 

Not only does it expose you to unnecessary risk, but manual workflows, spreadsheets, inaccuracies, land lack of data can be harmful to your business objectives and to your short and long-term company culture.

There are many issues related to an outdated paper program that can be costly and damaging to your organization; but on the other hand, the ROI of an all-in-one digital EHS system is clear, proven and measurable. Not only does it say you short-term costs, but it saves money on your premiums, too. (The best EHS systems will even give you a dashboard that captures that ROI.)

10. To save time 

Traditionally, safety leaders have spent hours compiling data and then sorting and working with that data in spreadsheets. (By the time you had the data you were seeking, it might be outdated or it’s more challenging to put the necessary changes into practice.) 

With an EHS software, you can focus on being strategic versus being tactical or “in the weeds.” 

Effective, all-in-one systems can give you real-time performance dashboards. That means you can have report metrics or scorecards on-demand, right when you need them and right when they are most useful to your organization. Recordables and reportables are automatically categorized to generate your OSHA logs, saving you a great deal of time on admin (1).

…It’s the right thing to do 

Being able to know why incidents are happening and reinvesting that money to prevent the root cause of issues is the right thing to do! 

And, re-investing in safety is just one more sign to workers you are truly committed to safety excellence. We always talk about leadership commitment to safety and health, and this is one more way to show how you’re investing in tools that equip and empower workers. 

Effortlessly Manage Safety with an All-in-One EHS System

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