Streamline Your Safety Processes with these Key Features

Photos and Signatures

Incident photos and reporter signature are taken within the app.

Voice Memos

Witness reports can be recorded on scene with the voice memo feature.

Clean Design

Intuitive design for ease of use by first time and non technical users.


Critical information fields require input so that nothing can be overlooked.


Clickable options ensure responses are consistent with OSHA requirements.


Clear instructions provide guidance during an emergency situation.



On average, every claim prevented saves



National Safety Council

Capture Images and Video Directly from Your Phone

Use the camera on your phone to document work sites, and manage injury reports with accurate depictions.

Save them directly into forms and reports and send them into managers.

Clean, intuitive design


A clean and simplistic approach to the dashboard and app create continuity for clean and easy cross use between the platforms.

Designed for all users in mind. Complex features allow you to customize the dashboard for your business, while being simple and straightforward for first time users.

Voice Memos

Enter voice memos from witnesses directly from the scene.

Record verbal accounts in the app and send along with the report collected in the dashboard for later reference, so that you can report and document what happened on site accurately.

Site Inspections

Auto Accidents

Witness Statements

Important Information

Smart Options

OSHA requires a strict set of regulations and standards for workplace safety. While this is necessary and very important to the health and safety of employees, there is a great deal of work that goes into keeping track of all the various regulations.

With iReport, all site inspections, safety drills, work place reports, and all other reports are consistent with the OSHA requirements so that you spend less time on paperwork and more time running your company, knowing that your employees are in a safe and healthy environment.

More information about OSHA regulations and compliance can be found here.

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Safety Management

as it should be