Safety Management Software for Manufacturing

Improve workplace safety and ensure OSHA compliance with iReportSource’s industry leading manufacturing safety software.

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Improve workplace safety and ensure OSHA compliance with industry leading safety software for manufacturing.

The easy way to prioritize safety and training

Are you prepared?

An injury happens on the manufacturing floor. Fortunately, the employee will be fine. It could have been much worse, but OSHA is still on its way. A few thoughts come to mind…

  • Are the injured employee’s training records OSHA compliant, up to date, and easily accessible?
  • Do you have the training documents that were used for those training sessions?
  • How many times have you audited the safety mechanisms on the equipment?
  • Were corrective actions ever needed?
  • If so, were they completed? When? By who? What did they do?

If you’ve been in safety for any length of time, this has happened to you. Safety documents stored on paper, email, or messaging apps are nearly impossible to track and access at a moment’s notice. Safety management software for manufacturing makes it worry-free by making all safety, inspection, and training records centrally available and accessible at all times.

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Built for the Manufacturing World

When it comes to training and OSHA compliance in a manufacturing environment, a safety management software program is a must for assigning, performing, recording, storing and retrieval of safety training records.

Those records must be available anytime, for any reason, at your fingertips. This is much easier said than done. A comprehensive safety training program can be very cumbersome to manage, but one that utilizes safety training software for manufacturing will become much easier to maintain.

Another significant safety threat in a repetitious environment is complacency. In many cases, manufacturing operations comprise repetitive tasks, day in and day out. There are certainly exceptions, but manufacturing environments are typically about efficiency and repetition, and of course, quality and safety.

In repetitive operations, it is imperative that the operators stay engaged, and current, on safety and procedural requirements of the tasks they are performing. The use of manufacturing safety software can be very helpful to insure both engagement and education.

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Manage Safety with Ease

An effective manufacturing safety management system provides the engagement tools needed to keep people involved and aware of the daily hazards they may face – even doing the same job, over and over, as they may have done for years. Safety compliance software allows for easy completion and tracking of pre-shift operational inspections, thus ensuring critical setup tasks are performed, and recorded.

Additionally, manufacturing safety software will keep procedures up-to-date, in real time, for all operators to access at any time. Something as simple as updating a basic pre-shift safety inspection with critical new information can go a long way to saving a limb or life!

With the right safety software for manufacturing in place at your facility, preventing, or preparing for, that visit from OSHA won’t be nearly as daunting as it may have been prior to using one.

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From Our Customers

The speed of having decision makers actually see all the information gathered and the ability to observe the process of the investigation have all been made possible by iReportSource. Our goal has always been to complete the initial review process within 24 hours [of an incident]. Over the last 30 days, we are averaging 2.39 hours.

We chose iReportSource because of their flexibility to grow with us as a company, instead of being dropped into a static system that may have not met our needs.

Tired of using paper and chasing down endless e-mails?

iReportSource health and safety software gives you full control and gets the whole team involved. See for yourself today.

Safety Training

Safety Training

Digitize your safety training program and manage it effortlessly. Our safety management and training tools for manufacturing keep your organization on track and in compliance.

Incident and Claim Reporting

Incident and Claim Reporting

Reduce lag time by quickly and accurately collecting the right information. Our manufacturing safety software makes it a whole lot easier, saving time for your team and money for your organization.

Safety Audits & Risk Assessments

Safety Audits & Risk Assessments

Assess, collaborate, and resolve the risks before they happen. Our safety management and training system software easily guides the audit findings through discovery to successful closure.

Analytics – Safety KPIs

Analytics – Safety KPIs

Easily identify trends, manage exceptions, and share the learnings. iReportSource identifies the trends and minimizes future risk and cost.

Less expensive, easy setup, 5-star customer support

Tired of using paper and have all your hard work stay tucked away? iReportSource software gives you full control and gets the whole team involved. See for yourself today.

What's Included? Everything.

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Incident and Claim Reporting

Gather all the pertinent information and team input, quickly and correctly - every time.
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Safety Trainings

Keeps you on track (and reminded) of EVERY employee’s training requirements and deadlines.
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Customizable for YOUR business. You pick the data, time, location and/or groups and we’ll show you YOUR data.
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Safety Audits & Risk Assessments

Root Cause and Corrective Action assignment, review, follow up and closure are done right.
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OSHA Reporting & Compliance

Automatically generate your OSHA required Forms and Logs. Eliminate completing and submitting all OSHA documents by hand.
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Near Miss & Behavior Observation

Prevent injuries and compliance risk in with Near Miss and Behavior Observation reports in manufacturing.
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Corrective Actions

Record. Report. Review. Retrieve. At the tip of your fingers. Ready for any inspection or review, any time.
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Safety Walks

Make your safety walk-around count and hold people accountable.
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QR Codes

Verifies employees training and certifications AND digitally records all required pre-operational safety inspections.
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See Something Say Something

Quickly identify and report an individual hazard.
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Property Damage & Theft

Reduce vehicle accidents and property damage by maximizing awareness and accountability.
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Document Repository

Store and access all your important safety documents in one place.