Effortlessly manage

every aspect of your safety program with an all-in-one digital solution

iReportSource is a safety-first, mobile, and paperless EHS Platform that helps manage claims, predict, prevent, and eliminate incidents and injuries.

A solution built with Safety leaders in mind.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are the number one way to uncover risks in your workplace and help you eliminate risks, create and maintain a healthier environment. iReportSource helps Safety Leaders eliminate allegations of unsafe working conditions and injuries

Incident & Injury Reporting

Demand better EHS performance accountability and tracking. Track incidents from entry to closure and capture details along the way to uncover the root cause. Keep workers safe while demonstrating the value of safety to the entire organization, improving the company’s safety culture and bottom line.

Retrieve and Review With Digital Workflows

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Get access to a centralized database even with multiple offices across the country. Performance dashboards can report metrics or scorecards on demand, in real time. Recordables & reportables are automatically categorized to generate your OSHA logs.

Easy To Use & Easy To Collaborate

From the ‘boots on the ground’ to savvy tech leaders, iReportSource was built to easily be used by all and in a collaborative format. If you can use social media, you can use iReportSource. Expect a simple experience that delivers the results you want.