Superman has limitless speed and strength. Spiderman scales walls. These heroes undoubtedly keep cities safe, but they happen to be fiction. In the real world, there are very real heroes walking among us – often going unrecognized. These are our Safety Heroes.

It is these heroes that fervently establish safe work environments – that ensure the companies we work for remain viable. They protect our friends and family, allowing them to return home at the end of each shift.

Want to hear more about their superpowers? Read below to find out!

America’s Safest Companies

We take a look at and celebrate some of the safest workplaces in America in this week’s Safety Heroes Feature!

Dawn Yates

This Safety Hero talks about a catastrophic explosion that changed her mindset on supporting safety.

Mark Turcotte

Mark Turcotte is a maintenance technician at Advanced Technology Services with over 25 years…

Brian Dunican

This Safety Hero explains why his superpowers are smiling, and positivity day in and day out.

Samuel L. Hawkins Sr.

Learn how this 20 Year Safety Veteran uses communication as his Safety Hero Superpower.

Michael Stefanick

This Safety Hero shares why establishing a culture of safety starts with the involvement of all employees.

John Jandik

This Safety Hero opens up about his desire to help people, and how the safety profession allows for just that.

Dirrick Simmons

This Safety Hero opens up about his desire to help people, and how the safety profession allows for just that.

Angela Buckalew

This Safety Hero shares why safety training can (and should) be fun, convenient, and affordable.

Will Kraft

This Safety Hero explains why safety cannot be accomplished separately from the work but must be an integral part of the work…

Jay Ising

Here we interview Jay Ising, our latest Safety Hero who has been a career firefighter in southern Indiana for 15 years.

Linda Light

With over 20 years of occupational health and safety experience, Linda Light provides safety solutions for industries ranging…

Jamey Ramer

Safety Hero, Jamey Ramer, is the Safety Manager for Weyerhaeuser’s Lumber Mill in Dodson, Louisiana. With more than 14…

Shari Lupardus

Safety Hero, Shari Lupardus, is the Health and Safety Manager for Dearborn Mid-West GM Assembly company…

Scott Goodwin

Safety Hero, Robert “Scott” Goodwin, is the Corporate Safety Manager for SSOE Group. With over 24 years of experience in safety…

Dan Junker

Safety Hero, Dan Junker, is the Founder of Automation Rangers. Dan is also a member of the Robotics Industry Association (RIA)…

Cory Kennedy

Safety Hero, Cory Kennedy, is a Senior Manager of Safety, Training & Operational Excellence at Teespring…

Joe Arway

Today’s feature centers on Safety Hero Joe Arway. Graduate of Niagra University, he was a member of the US Army, receiving a Bronze Star for his service. Joe has 30 years of experience in all aspects of safety…

Paul Newton

iReportSource hero, Paul Newton, is a Safety Director at Relay Express. He has 45+ years of work experience in the safety field and is retiring in August of 2017…