Brandon Fisher is the textbook definition of a Safety Hero. An Army Veteran of 8 years with a majority of his duty spent on the front lines, Brandon chose to become a safety professional after he earned his Associates Degree in Health Sciences and Radiation Technology. Brandon is described as a caring leader by all those he works with, and his commitment to behavior-based safety has propelled his career growth. Currently, Brandon serves as the Corporate Safety Manager for United Group Services.

Why did you choose your profession?

After returning from 8 years of active duty, I quickly realized that my skill-set didn’t translate into civilian life and work. I went to school and got my Associate Degree, but still found that my skills weren’t a fit for most of the jobs available to me. A friend of mine knew that I was looking for work, and he introduced me to United-GS where they found that my military background and health science experience would be perfect for a safety position.

What’s important to be effective in your role?

You have to be able to communicate with your people, while also enabling them to succeed. Safety personnel are here to help, but we oftentimes are seen as an enforcer looking to punish people – that’s not true.

It’s the safety person’s responsibility to communicate what’s important, without it seeming like a punishment. And they have to be able to instill “the courage to care” in their people – that is, the courage to speak up when something isn’t right.

Have you ever had an incident that changed you and how did you approach it with your role?

I’ve never had one incident that drastically changed my approach to safety, but there have been a series of incidents that caused me to ask “why did this happen and how could we prevent it?”

We believe that a behavior-based safety approach is the best way to achieve sustainable safety success. Through those smaller incidents, I was able to hone my ability to understand root-causes to improve our safety program.

What do you want everyone to know about safety?

Everyone pounds safety into their employees’ heads and it gets old. It’s more than just telling people how to do their job, it’s getting them involved in doing their job correctly and safely. My favorite quote and the one I tell our people all the time is this: “Safety can get old, but so can those who practice it.”

What is your superpower?

Grabbing people’s attention to make sure that they understand what’s happening. Fortunately, my Army experience taught me how to do that.

If there was one thing that you could change about how safety is managed, what would it be?

I would change the perception of safety people being “enforcers” to them being helpers and guides. Safety personnel have one goal and one responsibility: to help you leave work the same way you walked in. We are here to answer questions, to guide, to teach.

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