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Manual workflows, spreadsheets, inaccuracies, lack of data, and more. All of these tangible and intangible issues can be costly and damaging to your organization.

Incident & Injury Reporting

Perform Audits & Inspections

Report Hazards & Observations

Mobile Records SDS, Safety Trainings & Procedures

Electronic Signature

Photo, Video & Voice Recording


All Reporter Features

Assign Corrective Actions & Tasks

Assign & Perform

Audits & Inspections

Analyze and Prioritize Workflow

Complete Supervisor Investigation Reports

Capture Witness Statements

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All Supervisor Features

Track Audits & Inspections to Closure

Claims Management for Workers’ Comp, P&C, & Auto Insurance

Complete Root Cause Analysis

Complile & Review Corrective Actions & Remediation with Safety Committee

Track Safety Trainings & Qualifications

Manage Employees & Contractors

Manage Multiple OSHA Logs


All Collaborator Features

Manage User Roles and Permissions

Accountability & Benchmarking Across the Organization

Track Insurance Premiums and EHS Direct & Indirect Costs

Key Performance Indicators

Business Intelligence &

Measure and Improve Safety Culture

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Submit OSHA Logs for Compliance

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More Benefits

Build a Safety Culture
iReportSource is designed to help you monitor and implement safety programs throughout the company. We want to make sure your employees leave their work day as healthy as the way they came in.
Easy to Use
iReportSource can be set up in a day. It works on laptops, tablets, PCs, and iOS and Android applications and allows for Managers to access important information in real time.
Seamless Implementation
iReportSource identifies key features that allows HR Managers, Safety Leaders, and C-Suite to get value right way from our system. We can have the system set up within 3 working days.
Scalable Solutions for any Size Organization
iReportSource is created for both large enterprises, municipalities, and small businesses alike. Our friendly staff are here to help walk you through each of the steps to get your paperless environmental health and safety platform built and deployed.


How often do I need to back-up my data?

No need to ‘save’. Back-up is automatic. If your computer is lost, stolen or destroyed – you can simply pick up again from where you left off by logging into another device.

Where are my files stored? Is my data safe?

All data is stored on redundant data servers securely hosted by Amazon. iReportSource doesn’t share your data.

Can I store my SDS in iReportSource?

Yes, you can save your SDS, Safety Trainings and Safety Procedures as PDF files and upload them into your iReportSource account. There you can view, save, and share them. In fact, you can tag the employees who have attended the said Safety Trainings.

What happens if employees don’t have a mobile device or aren't allowed mobile devices in the workplace?
Having a mobile device will certainly maximize the benefits of using iReportSource. However, incidents, near misses and observations can all be reported via the iReportSource website or by a community tablet.
Will iReportSource help us save money on our Workers’ Comp insurance premiums?
iReportSource lays the foundation for shaping a world class safety program. Currently, insurance premiums are based on lagging indicators. It is our goal to help demonstrate to your insurance carrier that you are being diligent in your efforts to provide a safe workplace through recording leading indicators – your proactive activities.
Is there a smartphone app?

Yes! iReportSource is available on iPhone and Android.

What about updates?
iReportSource is always up to date. No storage required. All you need is access to a web browser or mobile app.
Can I upload my employee information into iReportSource?

Yes! To maximize the benefit of iReportSource, you can upload your employee information. This will minimize the amount of time you spend reporting incidents, near misses, and observations.

Does your product complete our OSHA logs automatically?
It sure does! Stop spending hours and days completing OSHA logs. iReportSource will complete your OSHA logs in real time. The system will automatically classify reportables and recordables. When the time comes to post the logs, simply print them and post them.
How do we encourage employee engagement?
We recommend building some excitement around the implementation of iReportSource. Start a proactive incentive program that rewards participation. You can build incentives around near miss reporting, observations, and completion of safety audits. The more you use it, the more valuable it will be.

Our customers love what we do

No more missing pieces. Our digitized process ensures no piece is overlooked and that the entire team up to snuff.

"iReportSource was an easy system to learn with everything all in one place providing a mobile, clear and consistent process for employee reporting."

- Vi H.

"Our investigation, root-cause, corrective action and follow up process has improved since using iReportSource."

- Corporate Safety & Training Manager

"We’re very happy with iReportSource and look forward to continuing to improve our safety program with them."

- Rudolph Foods


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