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057: 5 Common OSHA Recordkeeping Errors to Avoid

Powered by iReportSource What are some of the top mistakes employers make when it comes to OSHA recordkeeping? Even with good intentions, here are some of the top mistakes that can happen, resulting in major headaches and even citations: Not understanding what an...

056: Safety Hazards in the Healthcare Industry

Powered by iReportSource Findings from a survey conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) show that healthcare workers do not always take precautionary measures to minimize exposure to high-level disinfectants (HLDs). The...

055: Using Drones for Safety

Powered by iReportSource How would you like an OSHA inspector to launch a drone over top your jobsite or building, looking for hazards and violations. Perhaps workers on the roof, forklift operators in the yard, cell tower workers on a mountain - an OSHA...

054: Integrating Safety with Existing Processes

Powered by iReportSource Have you ever struggled to make your safety processes mesh with other existing business processes, like quality or maintenance? By using lean principles and tools it can be easy to do just that. Stop trying to convert workers and take the...

053: How to Handle OSHA Safety Inspections

Powered by iReportSource In this episode I will talk about preparing for an OSHA inspection and how to best handle the event should one occur. Here, my focus will be what to do up front. I will also cover what to expect should a compliance safety, and health...

051: How to Write an Effective Accident Report

Powered by iReportSource With proper safety training and an air-tight safety program in your workplace, you won't have to write too many incident reports. However, sometimes things slip through the cracks, and it results in an incident or near-miss. When this...

052: Safety Incentives that Work

Powered by iReportSource OSHA has changed course in its view of employers' post-incident drug testing programs and injury rate-based incentive programs. In a Memorandum to Regional Administrators and State Designees published October 11, the Agency now says most...

050: Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices

OSHA's Safety-Related Work Practices standards for general industry are performance-oriented requirements that complement the existing electrical installation standards. These work-practice standard include requirements for work performed on or near exposed energized...

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