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106: Emergency Action Planning & Response

106: Emergency Action Planning & Response

In this episode, podcast host Blaine sits down with repeat guest, Wesley Carter of Amplify Process Safety, LLC to talk about a critical topic that can often be taken for granted—emergency action planning. Wes has more than 11 years of experience in Process Safety and...

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103: COVID-19 Masks Should Have No Valves

103: COVID-19 Masks Should Have No Valves

Listen to the podcast below, where we answer the question: Do valves on respirators impact their effectiveness? (Here's the LinkedIn post that started this conversation, making it a great topic for a podcast.) The purpose of a respirator’s exhalation valve is to...

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99: COVID-19 – To Mask or Not?

NOTICE: Published April 1, 2020 - The information in this post/episode is subject to change. All of the discussions about surgical masks got me thinking; what do we know about viruses (CVID-19 or others), and what are the EXPERTS saying? I wanted to explore this topic...

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