How to Add and Delete Loss Run Reports

A new users course dealing with how to add and delete loss run reports. This resource covers how to upload your loss run reports within iReportSource.



Loss Run Report Overview

A. Import Loss Run Report

B. Delete Loss Run Report


Add Loss Run Reports

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email/Phone Number
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Click Log In
  5. On the left-side navigation bar, Click Documents
  6. Click Loss Run Reports
  7. Click Import Loss Run Reports
  8. Click Download CSV Template
  9. Input the information from your loss run report
  • Account #- The workers comp account number. (This is not a required field)
  • Business Location- Where the accident happened.
  • Claim #- The claim # associated with the current incident.
  • Risk Class- Code generated based on the incident.
  • Claim Type- Enter whether they were compensated or not compensated.
  • Date of Injury- The date that the injury occurred.
  • Closed Date- The date that the incident was closed.
  • Claim Status- The current status of the claim.
  • Time of Injury- The time that the injury took place.
  • Emp Reports KOS- Enter whether the employee was kept on salary.
  • Time Loss Days- The number of days lost.
  • Claimant’s Name- The injured person’s first and last name.
  • Age- The injured person’s age.
  • Gender- The injured person’s gender.
  • Claimant’s Occupation- The injured person’s occupations.
  • Length of Employment- The amount of time in years, months and days that the injured employee was employed.

Note-This field is left blank for injuries of non-employees.

  • Accident Type- Enter the accident type.
  • Nature of Injury- Enter the nature of the injury.
  • Body Part- The body part that was injured.
  • Source of Injury- Enter the source of the injury.
  • Provider Name- The name of the provider who cared for the injured employee.
  • Third Party- Answer “yes” or “no” as to whether the injured person was a third party meaning a non-employee.
  • Medical Aid Amount- The total medical aid cost.
  • Time Loss Amount- The total amount of cost spent paying the employee while they were unable to work.
  • PPD Amount– PPD benefits are paid to people who are not totally disabled but who have some type of lasting impairment or who are only capable of returning to modified or lower-paying work.
  • Other Costs- Enter any additional cost.
  • Future Reserves- Reserves are the amount of money that is set aside to pay the cost of a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Estimated Claim Costs- Calculate the totals from medical aid cost and future reserves.
  • Misc Accident Fund Amount- Enter the amount in the accident fund if applicable.
  • Paid/Awarded Cost to Date- Subtract the future reserves total amount from the estimated claim cost amount.
  1. Save the template as a CSV file
  2. Upload the CSV file
  3. Click Submit


Delete Loss Run Reports

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email/Phone Number
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Click Log In
  5. On the left-side navigation bar, Click Documents
  6. Click Loss Run Reports
  7. Locate the loss run report you need to delete
  8. Click Delete Loss Run Report
  9. Click Delete to confirm



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