See Something Say Something

Quickly identify and report an individual hazard.

iReportSource Hazards Dashboard, showing hazards and risk value by location

See it, say it, fix it!

  • Employees can easily report an issue – and know it will be addressed.
  • iReportSource guides your employees through the required fields.
  • Allows you to be able to follow the whole process.
See Something Say Something - Annotated Picture of a Fire-extinguisher dropped on the floor
iReportSource App, Assigned Hazards Status
Task tracking Dashboard

Identify, Manage and Resolve

  • Get notified each time a hazard is identified.
  • Manage the resolution process, understand how it was created, and ensure timely resolution.
  • Resolve known issues and show your employees that you truly care about the problems – you are here to solve them.

Digitize your safety program. Engage your workforce.