Safety Walks

Make that weekly safety walk around count, and hold people accountable.

Safety Walks - Shows identified Hazards and status of assigned Corrective actions

Get the most out of them

  • Quickly record hazards and risk locations, take pictures, and easily assign corrective actions using the iReportSource mobile app.
  • Tap the knowledge, engaged and involved workers are an invaluable resource to keep your workplace safe.
Picture of a iReportSource mobile app, showing how to assign a corrective action while performing a safety walk
Safety Walk on mobile - identified hazard and documented information
Example of a Safety Walk on a desktop with hazards, corrective actions and employee signature

Follow-Up and Corrective Actions

  • Share any and all learnings with your organization—whether that be with management or frontline workers—with a click of a button.
  • Assign corrective actions, with a timeline, to be sure they are addressed.
  • Automated reminders make meeting deadlines simple.

Analyze your Safety Walk Hazards

  • Group high-risk locations, common hazard types, and causal factors.
  • Run reports and view the status of corrective actions.
  • Share critical findings across the organization.
Chart of safety hazards class by location

Digitize your safety program. Engage your workforce.