Safety Audits & Risk Assessments

Assess, review and collaborate – our workflow efficiently helps you bring all open items to closure.

Safety Audit and Risk Assessment Workflow with safe and unsafe items, and the status of a corrective action

Capture critical information

  • Ensure thorough safety assessments with audits customized to your company’s focus points and priorities.
  • Safety Audits & Risk Assessments in one place, easily accessible and showcase the effort your team is putting in; to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
Risk assessment - Audit screen, with question marked as unsafe, pictures and notes taken.
Mobile app screen that shows captured pertinent information for an unsafe audit - risk assessment item
Risk Assessment - Audit screen that shows completed corrective actions for unsafe items

Resolve identified problems

  • Reduce the risk across the organization.
  • Present a streamlined way to communicate findings.
  • Apply fact-based changes to your safety procedures.

Analyze and communicate

  • Determine the most unsafe items for each location, department, and shift.
  • Reward the employees who are chipping in to keep the company safer and perform Safety Audits or Risk Assessments continually and on-time.
  • Share critical findings across the organization.
Chart that shows unsafe items identified from Risk Assessments - Audits

Digitize your safety program. Engage your workforce.