QR Codes for Safety

QR Codes – A valuable addition to  every great safety program.

how to use QR codes to improve safety

QR Codes for Audits and Risk Assessments

  • It’s an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to push critical updates or new requirements to your safety program and procedures throughout your organization.
  • Easily create, disseminate, record, and verify these safety program updates and requirements have been viewed and performed properly by affected personnel.
QR Code - Scan and Perform a Risk Assessment using the iReportSource app.
QR Code for Safety Training - Scan, Sign and Training is associated with the employee

QR Codes for Training

  • Automatically store the training history for every individual employee.
  • Record all in-person training and confirm all attendees – no sign-in list needed.

QR Codes for Employee Tracking

  • Instantly retrieve any employee’s training record at any time.
  • Verify all on site employees are in compliance and up-to-date on trainings.
  • Avoid fines from OSHA by having employee documentation at your fingertips.
Employee QR Code, scan and get all employee's pertinent information, trainings and qualifications

Digitize your safety program. Engage your workforce.