Near Miss & Behavior Observation

Prevent injuries with Near Miss and Behavior Observation reports.

Near Miss and Behavior Observation Dashboard with Charts and graphs

Report, Record, Review

  • Easily report and document near-miss and behavior observation occurrences.
  • Quickly record statements, photo evidence and upload appropriate documents.
  • Prevent unsafe conditions from persisting in your workplace.
Near Miss - Annotated Image of a Fire-extinguisher
Near Miss - Question on an Android phone. "We got lucky this time! But tell us what could have happened?"
A manufacturing organization was able to spot and reduce potential risks and hazards earlier, thanks to iReportSource, as shown in this study. The organization’s effective near miss program helped them reduce injuries and damages, and it also gave them the opportunity to communicate more proactively with workers on tackling hazards and reducing risk together.

Analyze and Communicate

  • iReportSource’s Custom Analytics helps you identify Near Miss and Behavior Observations trends.
  • Allow for easy periodic safety trend reporting – better information in less time.
  • Identify areas of improvement and prevent future injuries or damage from occurring.

Digitize your safety program. Engage your workforce.