Simple, On-Site Data Collection

Faster, More Accurate Incident Reporting & You Own the Data!

Paperless EHS Management & Incident Workflow

Easy Visibility Into Leading & Lagging Indicators With:

Real-time Reporting

A customizable proactive and reactive process for the collection of workers’ comp, safety and other general liability and insurance reports.

Upload Photo, Video & Audio Recordings

Capture information on scene immediately to promote real-time, accurate reporting.

Real-time Notification

Receive immediate updates to easily stay on top of what’s going on, so your entire team knows what to prioritize.

All-in-One Workflow

Centralized information ensures accuracy, consistency & quick resolution for EHS and liability management.

Automate OSHA Logs

Never deal with a spreadsheet again! Categorize recordables & reportables to automatically complete your OSHA logs.


Enable anyone from anywhere to collaborate, ensuring proactive reporting & quick information collection for paperless EHS management.

On average, every lost time injury claim prevented saves $100,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need product or technical support, you can email your questions to or call us 1-844-377-4737.

Can I upload my employee information into iReportSource?

Yes! To maximize the benefit of iReportSource, you can upload your employee information. This will minimize the amount of time you spend reporting incidents, near misses, and observations.

Does your product complete our OSHA logs automatically?

It sure does! Stop spending hours and days completing OSHA logs. iReportSource will complete your OSHA logs in real time. The system will automatically classify reportables and recordables. When the time comes to post the logs, simply print them and post them.

What happens if employees don’t have a mobile device or aren't allowed mobile devices in the workplace?

Having a mobile device will certainly maximize the benefits of using iReportSource. However, incidents, near misses and observations can all be reported via the iReportSource website or by a community tablet.

Will iReportSource help us save money on our Workers’ Comp insurance premiums?

iReportSource lays the foundation for shaping a world class safety program. Currently, insurance premiums are based on lagging indicators. It is our goal to help demonstrate to your insurance carrier that you are being diligent in your efforts to provide a safe workplace through recording leading indicators – your proactive activities.

How do we encourage employee engagement?

We recommend building some excitement around the implementation of iReportSource. Start a proactive incentive program that rewards participation. You can build incentives around near miss reporting, observations, and completion of safety audits.  The more you use it, the more valuable it will be.