Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboard

Our business intelligence and analytics dashboard will do the heavy lifting for you so you can walk into the boardroom with confidence showing and telling the real impact the safety culture is making on your business.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboard:


Management Overview:

  • Average Lag Time Reporting- This calculates the amount of time passing between the time of an incident and the time it is reported.
  • Accountability Documents Created- Creating accountability documents such as Safety Procedures, SDS, Daily Reports and Toolbox Talks helps to create a better and safer place.
  • Total Safety Costs- Calculates the total cost of all safety incidents within your company including the indirect, direct, reserve, indemnity, total loss and medical cost.
  • Safety Trainings Performed- Making sure Safety Trainings are up to date and regularly conducted helps to keep everyone happy and healthy.
  • Proactive Reports Created- Proactive reports include Job Safety Audits, Site Inspections, Near Miss, Safety Suggestions, Behavior Observations and Lockout/Tagouts are critical to creating a positive safety culture and can even save a life.
  • JSAs Completed Within a Week- Job Safety Audits are a crucial part of a safety-first mindset.
  • Near Miss by Type- Not every near miss will be a top priority so we’ve created a dashboard view so you can quickly recognize where the company’s biggest area of opportunity surrounding safety changes is. This will give the management team a target to address quickly and efficiently.
  • Top Causes for Corrective Actions- Similar to Near Miss data, Corrective Actions give you a glimpse into where the employees could potentially use more training. If you notice several corrective actions regarding a similar risk, then you will be able to focus in and eliminate that risk quickly and efficiently.
  • Report Costs and Cost Avoided- Drills down the total safety costs for specific groups of reports including first report of injury, auto-accident, property damage, theft, third party and DOT. It also gives you a view of the costs that were avoided by reporting near miss, site inspections, safety suggestions and behavior observations.



Incidents Overview:

  • First Reports of Injury- Provides you a total number of first report of injuries that were reported in the specified timeframe.
  • Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR)- Calculates the number of work-related injuries per 100 full-time workers during a 1-year
  • Days Away Restricted or Transferred Rate (DART)- Mathematical calculation that defines the number of recordable incidents per 100 full time employees, which resulted in lost work days, restrictedwork days or job transfer due to workplace injuries or illnesses.
  • Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)- Calculated using two pieces of essential information: the LTI within a given timeframe, and the number of hours worked in that time The other element of the equation is the standardized rate, that is to say, there are X number of LTIs per a set amount of time.
  • OSHA Recordable Avg. Lost Time- Calculates the average time loss for OSHA recordables.
  • All Reported Injuries Avg. Lost Time- Calculates the average time loss for all reported injuries.
  • Observations at High Incident Groups/Est.-
  • Total First Reports of Injury-
  • OSHA Recordable by Type- Allows you to quickly identify OSHA recordables reported by type which will allow you analyze and ultimately eliminate risk that caused or contributed to the injuries.
  • Incidents Contributing Factors- Identifies the contributing factors to incidents which will allow you to analyze this data to create trainings or corrective actions to mitigate these risk.


Filtering Options:

  • Last 30 Days- Allows you to filer data in the analytics dashboard by the last 30 days.
  • Last 3 Months- Allows you to filer data in the analytics dashboard by the last 90 days.
  • Last 6 Months- Allows you to filer data in the analytics dashboard by the last 180 days.
  • Last 12 Months- Allows you to filer data in the analytics dashboard by the last 365 days.
  • Annual- You are able to filter data by the year as well going all the way back to 2010.

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