Your Safety Management System Rollout: It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

what you ought to know about your safety management system rollout

You’ve done it. You’ve made the decision to put your safety program in the hands of your employees—that is, you’ve empowered and equipped them to manage everyday safety with the help of iReportSource. So what’s next? The rollout, of course (and arguably, it’s already started)! Contrary to what some may think, technology implementation can be an outstanding, positive experience for all those involved.   In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect as you roll-out iReportSource, including a look at the onboarding process. Before we break down what that looks like, we can first get clearer on the foundation of our onboarding experience: our approach and mindset known as Customer Success. 

What is “Customer Success”?

Before digging into what the rollout plan can look like, it can be helpful to know more about how we define and approach Customer Success as a company. Customer success, as we define it, is a combination of things: it’s a proactive approach, strategic direction, and it’s all the combined activities and strategies our team works on to put customers first.  “Customer success begins the moment a customer decides to partner with iReportSource,” explains Jeanette Wilson, Customer Success Team Manager at iReportSource. Jeanette explains that it’s really a long-term approach and partnership to make sure customers continue to get as much value as possible from iReportSource. “While in many cases people think of ‘customer service” as a reactive, be-there-when-you-need-us approach, we take a more proactive approach, and that’s what we call Customer Success,” Jeanette adds. So what does that mindset look like over the course of a lifetime with a customer? “We have onboarding, training, and successful implementation of our platform down to a science, and we provide all the necessary tools and information for success from the very beginning.”  The team at iReportSource is consultative and anticipates the needs of partners, addressing issues before they even occur. “With a great deal of guideline and support along the way, that process helps partners become our biggest advocates along the way,” says Jeanette. Here are just a few examples of how our approach comes to life:

  • Communication: it’s proactive, regular, and it includes a “big picture” perspective, instead of being reactive and singular-focused.
  • Empathy: we look for proactive ways to drive solutions, taking a holistic view of all your pain points to see how we can resolve them.
  • Company-wide: while we do have a Customer Success team, think of this as a philosophy that our entire team embraces to focus on a long-term, trusted relationship with you. It influences and helps to shape many customer experiences and outcomes, not just the onboarding process.

Jeanette is quick to point out that the first-in-class support doesn’t end when all users are trained, either. “We are available by chat, email and phone the entire time our customers are with us, and we proactively send out messaging about exciting enhancements and new features so our partners will always have the most accurate and up to date information about our platform,” she says.

iReportSource is a complete Safety Management Software that can help you save time, reduce risk, and improve employee safety.


Setting Expectations During the Onboarding Process 

Before the digital ink dries on an agreement with a new partner, the iReportSource team is already hard at work preparing for customers to onboard.  Setting expectations is always paramount to the success of a technology rollout, especially in areas that are traditionally pen-and-paper.  “We encourage, and can help, teams to share the ‘why’ behind the choice of iReportSource as the platform. It is also beneficial if leaders can share the benefits of having a digitized safety program,” says Jeanette. In terms of change management, it helps to outline the immediate and long-term results they can expect from using the program, too.

What to Expect with iReportSource’s Onboarding Process

Thanks to the right proactive approach and planning, the onboarding process is simple and it’s designed to meet every person where they are at. At its core, we focus on educating users so they can feel confident when using the tools that will ultimately help them do their work.    We have an onboarding timeline that breaks the process down into three phases: Phase 1:  First is the account creation and setup phase. “We complete most steps in this phase on a 1-hour kickoff call. We outline the next steps and action items for the customer to provide the necessary information for us to build out their platform structure and import the employee list. A follow up email with details and documentation to help with these steps is always sent immediately after the call.” Phase 2:  This is where iReportSource does the “heavy lifting” of importing employees, documents such as SDS, previous Safety Trainings, Safety Procedures, or anything else our customer would like to house in the platform or mobile app, explains Jeanette.   Phase 3:  Once the platform is built out and employees are in the system, phase three entails the training of users. “We partner with our customers to determine how they’d like to roll out the platform, and to whom in their organization. It is a truly customized experience based on our customers’ needs, from the very beginning.” While we want to equip and train each individual, we also think about how users work and are connected to the entire team and company, too. With our new program, most customers are completely onboarded from “soup to nuts” in 30 days or less. The timeline is customizable based on the comfort and speed with which the customers want to roll out the software. “Their timeline is our timeline,” explains Jeanette.  

<< Download the iReportSource Onboarding Timeline here >>  

Amplify Your Safety Management with iReportSource

iReportSource is the easiest—and most affordable—way to get your safety program online and into the hands of your employees. With our hands-on, 1:1 onboarding and support, onboarding is a positive, efficient experience that exceeds clients’ expectations. Whether it is injury and claims management, adding to your near miss program, safety walks, training, or OSHA reporting and compliance, iReportSource can improve how you manage “everyday” safety.

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