Why the Cloud Beats Paper

Why the cloud beats paper

When someone talks about storing data in the cloud, what comes to mind?

Maybe you think of enterprise-solutions. Or maybe you think of some place where all your data is stored. Or maybe you aren’t quite sure you really know what “the cloud” means…

“The cloud” is a metaphor that’s used in reference to how storage, servers, software, applications and other resources allow us to store information in a data center we access over the Internet.

By storing data in the cloud, we can move away from all the hard-copy paperwork and physical filing we historically relied on. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but we’re taking a look at 5 key reasons why choosing the cloud over paper may make sense for your organization:

1. Greater productivity

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud—for any function within a company? The cloud gives you access to all your information at any time, no matter where you’re located.

On a specific job site? At your main office? On the road? It won’t matter, because with a tool like iReportSource you can always pull up the latest, real-time data, forms, or other safety materials you need.

That means you can be much more productive and focus on supporting safety, rather than focus on finding or compiling a bunch paperwork or hard copies.

Need to pull up a report on a specific work site? Need a worker to collect critical, time-sensitive data in the field? No need to travel there yourself, and no need to collect papers and files from other people. With the cloud, first and foremost, you can see any and all information, right when you need it. Second, you can equip others to collect and compile information wherever they are located.

iReportSource is a complete Safety Management Software that can help you save time, reduce risk, and improve employee safety.


2. Easier to share information

Using a cloud-based tool can make information-sharing easier.

Traditionally, with hard copies of paperwork, forms, and reports, a great deal of time can be spent on actually collecting and compiling and organizing that information…and that’s before anything is even ready or prepared enough to then share again with your colleagues.  

If you take advantage of a cloud-based tool like iReportSource, all the information is easily entered and data can easily be more up-to-date. Your reports, your analytics dashboard, and important insights are just a few clicks away.

So not only is compiling the reports much easier, but distributing those insights is also much simpler. That’s true whether it’s communicating information via email or by logging into the iReportSource platform to see the latest data.

3. Added visibility…and accountability

In some situations, cloud-based tools can help promote or encourage accountability because of the visibility and “structure” they provide. Take for example iReportSource, which can make sure each and every worker has taken their appropriate training. (So, yes, not only can you get rid of old SDS and safety procedure binders with cloud-based tools, but that means you never have to manually track employee training progress again!)

Another example: cloud-based tools can turn incident tracking into a much more visible process. From entry to closure, you can see how an incident is progressing, and you can also easily see key, real-time details along the way.

Those are just two examples of how centralized, “always on” tools can be powerful drivers of accountability.

4. Less risk to your data

In the past, organizations might have been concerned or reluctant about moving to the cloud for security reasons. The reality is that physical copy/file storage is typically riskier than cloud-storage of your data. In part, that’s thanks to best-in-class security and data protection measures that can be implemented with cloud-based tools.

With your tangible, hard-copy files, they can be at risk of theft, fire, or even can be lost due to water damage or floods

Another risk to hard-copy information/data is a lack of organization that tends to happen with physical records. So many safety managers can attest that it can be a nightmare when one safety manager leaves a company with physical records and compliance paperwork completely unorganized or following a system that no one else seems to know.

In contrast, a cloud-based solution like iReport keeps data safe, secure, and organized at all times. All your data, your safety support materials, and all your critical, digital paperwork will have a proper “place” and if your computer is lost, stolen or destroyed, all you have to do is simply pick up again from where you left off by logging into another device.

5. Scalability…and peace of mind!

One of the greatest things about having your information and safety support materials all in one place—accessible at any time—is how as the organization grows, you stay organized. Not only that, but the information continues to be utilized by all workers.

No longer will you have work sites that could have out-of-date materials. No longer will it be a burden to make sure every job and every site has updated forms or SDS sheets, as just two examples.

Instead, all you have to do is add any safety forms or materials to a centralized, cloud-based tool. That’s much more efficient, and it’s just an easier way of working as your company grows.

That also gives you peace of mind knowing that every single type of worker and every single job site has access to the up-to-date information, data, and tools they need to stay safe.

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