Toolbox Spotlight: How to Easily Use QR Codes to Improve Safety

how to use QR codes to improve safety

By now you have all seen them, those 1 inch “dot-matrix” looking things, (yes, that’s what a baby boomer like me says), that young people all around us scan and instantly get the information they’re looking for on their phone.Quick and efficient? Yes!

Precise and effective direct communication? Yes!

A little scary to think about figuring out, so that you can have both of those important benefits? Not really!

We are here to help you take advantage of this very powerful tool—that is, the QR code—and add it to your safety program toolbox.

What we’ll do in this blog is to explain the value of QR code technology, and how it can benefit your organization.

How to Use QR Codes: Two Real-World Examples 

Use QR Codes to Quickly Share Urgent Safety Information 

QR codes are a simple way to efficiently deploy new, timely, and valuable information to your workers, no matter where they are located, and at any given time. Take for example this scenario:

You have multiple manufacturing locations, and your corporate safety team has just discovered a serious safety concern with one of the steps in the process. The top priority, as always, is to keep your employees safe – so this is an urgent matter that needs 100% compliance.

Additionally, you’d like to keep production delays minimized, while you try to disseminate this critical new information. And the challenge is, to not only to get the new procedures updated to all locations and departments, but to make sure every operator is aware of that new procedure. You also need their receipt and understanding of the new process to be verifiable by your operations and safety teams!

You can do that with QR code technology. Instantly! With a QR Code feature deployed in your organization, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Create a short and simple “critical info and compliance” message at the corporate level.
  2. Push that message out to all affected users in the organization by updating that Risk Assessment to them.
  3. Every employee should be tasked to review and answer as a series of questions that confirm they understand, and more importantly, have performed the updated procedural steps – and you will be notified of anyone who does not complete the task, which insures 100% verifiable compliance.
Use QR Codes to Easily Gather Safety Training Verifications

QR codes also allow you to instantly see all trainings and certifications, with just a quick scan of the employee’s individual code. Take for example this second situation:

You’re about to get a safety inspection visit by OSHA, a third-party auditor, or corporate risk assessment team.

As we all know, a standard safety audit items is training verification. The inspector randomly identifies a group of employees to verify that they are up-to-date on every required safety training and certification. In a lot of situations, especially where you have decentralized or multiple field locations, this can be a significant challenge to gather all that information and present it efficiently to the inspector.

With QR code technology, it’s easy. Literally….a click of a button. With the QR code feature deployed, the inspector or auditor can scan that code for the employee, and all that person’s training and certifications will show up on the mobile device. Instantly.

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Learn More about iReportSource’s QR Code Technology for Instant Access to Important Safety Data

The QR code feature of the iReportSource Safety Management System Software is easily deployable, easy to update, totally customizable, and solves both of these use cases (and many others) very efficiently.

What follows is a quick instructional to hopefully help you understand how easy it can be.

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This post was written by Tom Murray, President and COO of iReportSource. As a purpose-driven leader, Tom is an advocate and champion of employee safety and understanding where technology can help organizations continuously improve each day. 

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