Marisa “Reese” Fortin

Area Safety Manager Sundt Construction ireportsource safety hero

Marisa “Reese” Fortin is Area Safety Manager at Sundt Construction. A modern, innovative, and 100 percent employee-owned company that does things differently. Sundt builds projects in a collaborative environment, using best-in-class techniques to improve productivity, reduce costs, and deliver successful projects to our clients.

Keep reading to see how Reese is a Safety Hero that brings passion, conscientiousness, compassion, care, and dedication to all areas of her life.

What do you think is important to be effective in your role?

In my role, the most valuable and effective quality to have is a passion for people and their well-being. This is necessary in order to genuinely lead people in protecting safety and health.

It’s also important that I manage my time wisely to be effective in my role since there are several projects, hundreds of co-workers, and thousands of trade workers who rely on my leadership to guide us in achieving zero incidents. It’s imperative that I spend the majority of my time on things that engage our people in safety such as mentoring teammates on what to look and plan ahead for during a site walk.

How do you see safety changing in the future?

I have seen safety embraced and respected at a higher level with each passing year. In the future, I bet that the overall respect and awareness of safety will be further increased. This means that more organizations and individuals will hold safety as a core value and a non-negotiable.

I also see a shift from reacting to safety towards planning for safety. Planning ahead with the use of digital modeling and technology will reduce workplace exposures.

What do you wish others knew about safety? 

I wish people could respect safety without having to first suffer a loss due to an incident. Often, the biggest advocates of safety are those who have lost someone or have been on a project with a major incident. I simply wish everyone was a major advocate of safety.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is seeing the future. After learning so much about incidents and hazards as they relate to construction, I can accurately predict what types of issues my project teams are going to encounter at various phases and during specific scopes of work. This superpower is handy at giving me the ability to mentor others on how to send people home safely from the job site.

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