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safety hero john givens director of risk management

Industry: Transportation/Transit Proactive. Humble. Loyal. Hungry. Empathetic. Bold. Passionate. These are all words that describe John Givens’s leadership style‚ and as a result, it’s no wonder that he’s a Safety Hero that’s so looked up to by those he works alongside. As Director of Risk Management at  Lextran, John oversees Lextran’s insurance programs, safety and security compliance, and operator development training. (Lextran is a transportation agency based in Lexington, Kentucky.) He also currently serves as the Lead Transportation Coordinator for the local Division of Emergency Management and he is a member of the American Public Transportation Association International Bus Roadeo Committee. He began his career at Lextran more than 35 years ago, and over that time, he’s held positions as an operator, operator trainer, and training coordinator. Today he continually works to improve the safety culture at Lextran. As a company that uses iReportSource safety software, Lextran is an example of an organization which embraces the idea that everyday safety is truly what matters. Read on to see what shaped and influenced him early on in his career, and the experience he witnessed that forever changed his outlook as a leader.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given and who gave it to you? As a safety leader, I always lead by example, which exemplifies what expectations you provide for your employees. As a young man, my father was a significant influence on my work ethic and told me that you couldn’t expect others to follow if you don’t lead. Most of this advice came through athletics competitions and coaching by my father and others. I have used this philosophy to become successful as a safety leader today. The transit business is unique in and of itself and challenges our team daily. Leadership is a responsibility, and you have to show how much you value safety.

What is your superpower? My superpower is knowledge and experience being in the transit business for 37 years. The industry has made evolving innovative changes over the years, which allowed me to grow as a leader and see this hands-on. The knowledge and experience I gained as a bus operator, operator trainer, training manager, and my current role as Director of Risk Management is something that establishes a great rapport among coworkers.

Have you ever had an incident that changed you, and how did you approach it with your role? Many years ago, I witnessed a bus fall from its jacked position to the soft graveled ground on a mechanic vendor changing the rear tires. Unfortunately, this accident resulted in a fatality. The lack of policy and procedures for this type of repair did not exist at the time. As an organization during that period, it impacted many employees, including myself. I committed myself at that time if I ever had the opportunity to change our safety culture I would. I am very proud to say the policy and procedures, including safety measures across the board, are currently in place to protect all employees, including vendors that may provide services to Lextran.

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“Lextran and iReportSource started the development of an EHS Pilot for Transit in the summer of 2019. The support of their product development and customer experience teams continues to exceed our expectations.” —John Givens Director of Risk Management, Lextran Learn more about how iReportSource helps companies to better manage claims and improve everyday safety.

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