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86: Got Employee Engagement?

How workers show up each day directly shapes your culture. To be an engaged, safe, productive culture, we want our people highly involved and deeply committed to the company mission. No doubt that today, many organizations are seeking to create and sustain this kind...

96: 10 Tips for Effective Safety Committees

Interview with Drew Hinton, CSP, CHMM, SHRM-CP If you don't currently have a safety committee at your workplace, adding one can seem like a daunting task. Listen to this episode with Drew Hinton, CSP, CHMM, SHRM-CP to get ten tips that are sure to help you create and...

95: Confined Space Rescue Teams w/Drew Hinton

Confined Space Rescue Teams save lives! They are a critical component of permit-required confined space operations. In this interview with a fellow SafetyPro, Drew Hinton, CSP, CHMM, EMT we will explore what it takes to set up a successful rescue team and some things...

93: Speaking Safety to Workers with Eric Lee Buschard

Podcasting from the 2020 ACI/OSHA Safety Day. Listen as I talk with Eric Lee Buschard as he explains his evolution as a safety pro. He shared his take on "Speaking Safety" to workers at a breakout session during the event.

92: Are Managers Making Workers Sick?

One of the often-overlooked aspects of EHS is that middle word - health. I mean, we understand the parts related to chemical exposure and substance exposure; silica, asbestos, lead, stuff like that - which are all important. But I want to talk about health in another...

91: What is Psychological Safety?

Why do employees sometimes remain silent when they should speak up? Do they fear consequences or repercussions? Do they feel like new ideas won't be considered without an onslaught of criticism about its inherent risks, a barrage of demands for a detailed project...

82: SMS Pt 3 – What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

As mentioned in episode 81 - What is "Systems Thinking," I will talk about root cause analysis or RCA - another aspect of a systems approach, Let’s define it and talk about how it can be applied. In episode 33: Lean Safety, I recommended some excellent books to help...

80: SMS Pt 1 – Safety Management System Defined

A safety management system (SMS) is a continuous improvement process that reduces hazards and prevents incidents. It protects the health and safety of your employees and should be integrated into everyday processes throughout the organization. Investing in an SMS...

79: 4 Types of Root Cause Evidence According to TapRooT

When an incident occurs it is the investigator’s main function to gather all relevant evidence in order to discover root causes and ultimately prevent a recurrence. The tricky part is that evidence isn’t always what it seems. Witnesses accounts can be spotty,...

78: How to Interview for a Safety Mindset

When a company is looking to hire their next safety leader they must be sure to select the right person for the job. But hiring a safety leader goes well beyond their safety and health credentials and experience. You want to have someone with the right safety mindset,...

77: A Breakdown of Job Safety Analysis

Get the JSA template HERE. OSHA has a great page for this topic HERE. Many companies rely on a super-simple tool to define appropriate safe work practices for specific jobs. The Job Safety Analysis Process (also referred to as a JSA, or Job Hazard Analysis - JHA). The...

76: Leading Safety Excellence an Interview with J.A. Rodriguez, Jr.

As I continue my podcast interviews in New Orleans from the 2019 VPPPA Safety+ Symposium I had the honor of interviewing some Association Board members. They shared some sound advice for anyone looking to improve their safety and health management system as well as...

75: Near Death Safety Lesson with Kelly Pitts

Here at the 2019 VPPPA National Safety Symposium where everyone you meet has a story to tell. Kelly Pitts shares his message of a near-death experience and what you can learn and take back to your organization.

74: PPE Safety for Women in the Workforce with Abby Ferri

As I continue my podcasting interview marathon from the 2019 VPPPA National Safety Symposium, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Abby Ferri to discuss the issues that women in the workforce continue to experience with PPE - which is in large part...

73: Leading Safety From the Heart with Diana Paredes

Diana Paredes is an experienced bilingual safety manager in the tough yet rewarding food & beverage industry. She is a SafetyPro podcast listener joining me at the 2019 VPPPA National Safety Symposium and shares some words of wisdom and strategies to help drive...

71: VPPPA 2019 – Leading Safety Excellence

Catch this on-location interview with VPPPA Chairman of the Board Mr. J.A. Rodriguez Jr. and Mr. Terry Schulte - VPP Director at NuStar. We talk about what the VPP framework can do for non-VPP participants and how VPPPA can help them solve even the most basic safety...

70: From VPPPA 2019 – Process Safety Management

What’s the difference between personal/occupational safety and process safety? Wesley Carter from the Amplify Your Process Safety podcast will get into this and more on this special episode recorded on location at the VPPPA National Safety Symposium in New Orleans....

69: What are Employee Medical & Exposure Records?

OSHA requires that employees who are or may be exposed to toxic substances or harmful physical agents be given access to their medical and exposure records. Further, OSHA requires that such records be maintained for a long period of time because often the symptoms of...

68: Why You Should Care About Total Worker Health (TWH) & Safety

68: Why You Should Care About Total Worker Health (TWH) & Safety

  Jul 19, 2019 Powered by iReportSource   Fundamentals of Total Worker Health  Keeping workers safe is the foundation upon which a TWH approach is built. Total Worker Health integrates health protection efforts with a broad spectrum of interventions to...

John Givens

John Givens

As Director of Risk Management at Lextran, John Givens is a proactive, humble, passionate, and loyal leader.

3 Ways to Create an Exceptional Employee Safety Experience

3 Ways to Create an Exceptional Employee Safety Experience

It can be tempting to think that a high salary or great benefits is what helps you attract and keep safety workers engaged and happy in their roles. But research shows that is not necessary the case—rather, it’s about the entire employee experience—not just the idea...

Zach DeLoach

Zach DeLoach

This passionate Safety Hero knows changes don’t just happen overnight.


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