Mobile Application

Mobile Application

iReportSource comes equipped with a free mobile application available in the iOS and Google Play store. Incidents can happen anywhere; our mobile application allows you to be prepared everywhere. This training covers how your company can take advantage of the mobile app to perform worksite hazard analysis, quality reporting and incident/observation reporting on the fly.  

Mobile Application Overview:

  • Dashboard- The dashboard allows you to work on the go. You can view and add more images to incidents right from your phone.
  • Mobile Record Library- The mobile record library stores all of the SDS, Safety Procedures, Toolbox Talks and Safety Trainings that you may need while you’re out in the field.
  • QR Lookup- Employees are given a QR codes through the iReportSource web application that can be printed or sent to them digitally. The iReportSource Mobile App allows supervisors, collaborators and admins to scan the employees QR code to validate their trainings and qualifications.
  • QR Scanner- Employees can scan Risk Assessment QR codes and perform the Risk Assessments on the fly.
  • New Incident- Employees have the ability to create a new incident or observation right at their fingertips.

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