Eliminating your administrative workload: How the right safety software erases your daily time traps

Eliminating your administrative workload

Keeping your facility safe can become a time-consuming job. While you want to spend more time educating and training personnel, the administrative load of incident reports, training requirements and tracking, safety audits, and program reporting consumes too much of your valuable time. 

We have lived the life you’re trying to manage. We’ve done that work. And we know where the time crunches are. So let us help you and your team save time, and get back to having more of your schedule for leading your safety program!

As a way to eliminate this administrative workload, you may have considered safety software before. However, the time to get the platform setup, lack of support once you’re up and running, and the general learning curve, not to mention convincing your operational teams to use it, all make it seem less appealing. 

Not enough time to save time… We’ve all been there! 

In this post we’re going to break down time traps that the right safety software will eliminate. It will give you and your team time back in your schedules, to focus more on your safety initiatives and coaching – not just always playing catch-up.

Time Trap 1: Incident Reporting

As we all know, there are two consistent time burdens when we talk about incident reporting with injuries or damage.

The first challenge is getting the initial report completed quickly and sent back in for review. This typically results in a chase down including several emails or phone calls back-and-forth to get the necessary information. 

With the proper software, you can reduce your reporting lag time to mere hours and not days. Not to mention, a safety software platform with an easy user interface, initial reporting can go from hours to just minutes to successfully complete and submit. And they are legible and easy to review.

The second is the investigation stage. You now need pictures, witness statements, diagrams and so much more in order to capture all of the details. This process can become cumbersome very fast if there are holes in communication. And the waiting for follow up begins…

At iReportSource we have clients that report getting their initial incident reports back in under a couple hours. Anything under four hours is fantastic. 

Effective safety software makes the reporting process more efficient. With iReportSource’s “all in one place” incident reporting and investigation feature, everyone contributes to the same report, via mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computer. Updates and notifications are generated in real time, along with reminders for any open items. Centralized data eliminates hours from the reporting process. 

Time Trap 2: Training Deployment & Progress Reporting 

The next time-consuming task in your day is manual recordkeeping, usually on extensive Excel reports, administering and tracking training program progress.

Imagine being able to run a report, at the push of a button, to see how many new hires have not received their required onboarding training. With iReportSource for instance, it’s just that easy. Tracking safety requirement status within the company is centralized, faster, and more efficient with an all in one training tool. 

The training feature within the iReportSource safety software program, helps you effortlessly manage, and more importantly track, your training program requirements, making sure everyone is up to date – trained and in compliance! 

Additionally, with automatic reminders and repeat training functionality, training can be set up months or even a full year in advance, so no required training falls through the cracks. 

The best part for you as a safety manager is that not a single Excel spreadsheet will need to be filled out to track any of your training development or progress reports.

Imagine the time savings on that alone in your weekly and monthly calendar!

Time Trap 3: Your Software Onboarding Time Commitment 

One of the biggest objections to considering new resources and tools is the anticipated time the onboarding process will occupy to implement new software. Implementing software can become a time consuming task if you select the wrong partner. 

However, we have standardized a very fast and easy onboarding process to avoid wasting valuable time on your end – time that you already don’t have, hence the investigation of safety software in the first place.

With iReportSource, we will have you up and running in 30 days. All we need is about 1 hour per week for the first month in order to guide the onboarding process and we take care of the rest to get you going. 

Time Trap 4: Service Support Response Time 

Once you are up and running, that’s where another time and management challenge can happen: getting your team familiar with the software, and willing to use it daily. Change is not easy and old habits can be hard to break. 

With the proper software support, such as iReportSource, you get unlimited training, and live chat, with a response time in under two minutes! Plus, it is always with a real person, who serves as your dedicated account representative. This creates a relationship and familiarity with your business for even faster response times. This also ensures your team does not have to keep running back to you for answers or assistance. Just ask us, and we handle it!

Get Started With iReport

With no safety software, your safety program has to be tracked and maintained manually, requiring an immense amount of time utilization and creating more opportunity for mistakes, which means unnecessary injury and damage. 

By investing in a high quality safety system, you are able to give time back to your staff as well as know that you are up to date on all things safety. 

Here at iReport, we are professionals within the safety industry, offering an all-in-one safety management software that will eliminate these time traps for you and your staff. To learn more about how iReport can give you time back in your schedule, reach out to us today!

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