EHS Overkill: The Unsuspecting Way Software Becomes Overwhelming

When it’s not working like it should, software can leave people feeling…well, a bit overwhelmed.

A few of the emotions and scenarios that can happen include:

Fear about using a new software. How difficult will the roll-out be? How much time will we need to be dedicated to changing how we work?

If and when someone has had a bad experience with a software implementation in the past, leaders can be reluctant to depart from the status quo.

Concern about the process of learning and using new software. Change can be difficult for anyone! However, sometimes if a person doesn’t see themselves as tech savvy, they can worry about utilizing a new technology and resist the idea of learning it.

Confusion over the software roll-out. The issue might not be the technology itself, but things can go wrong when there is no roadmap for the change initiative. Another related issue can be when expectations are unclear or altogether unknown by those who need to learn and use the new platform.  

So How Do You Avoid These Potential Problems?

Knowing these potential challenges can help you when choosing an EHS software. They can also make sure you know best practices when it comes to implementing your chosen platform, too.

To make sure your EHS software is well worth the investment, consider the following tips:

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Ensure the software is designed for anyone in your organization to use.

When choosing an EHS software, do your research so you can find the solution that fits your team, your needs, and your way of working. Don’t be afraid to ask for trial so that you can be sure the tool is a right fit for your people and organization.

Make sure you have a customer success team to support you.

Customer success is about customer advocacy. “Customer success” as we define it is a mindset, and it’s also about strategies to help support you during implementation.

Put simply, customer success is about taking proactive steps and activities to achieve strategic, positive outcomes for your organization. The takeaway is this: part of selecting an EHS software should be about the team that will be working with you. This is a team that can meet you where you’re at today. They should also be able to build a roadmap to help you get to where you want to be in the future.

This is also the same team that will help you through onboarding, training, and ongoing support phases; it’s all of these areas that will help make sure your team is comfortable, confident, and that implementation happens quickly.

Build a roadmap with clear milestones.

Any new project can fail if there aren’t clear directions on how to achieve success. Make sure you work with a partner that can help you create clear milestones throughout the process.

Generally speaking, the more you can create visible expectations for teams and for each individual as to how their job will adjust, the better off you will be. That also helps people feel more in control, because they have a clearer path to get to where they are expected to be.

Recognize and reward your people.

Similar to how you’d celebrate “small wins” with any other project, we recommend making sure you dedicate time to keeping morale high. Carve out time to recognize and reward your people during the process—both teams and even individuals.

Positive reinforcement is just one more way you can build momentum and show you appreciate and value staff’s dedication to the transition phase.

Don’t forget to show short- and long-term ROI.

Sometimes people forget how much progress has already been made during a software implementation. That’s why you want to do your best to show and communicate that short-term ROI once you’ve started using your EHS software. (That’s also just as important for those not as involved in the software rollout to see those metrics, too.)

Last, don’t assume other departments and other leaders in the organization are aware of the long-term ROI and other metrics you should have the ability to show. Do your best to continue to communicate the ROI of your program to help make all your ongoing safety activities more visible and relevant to them.

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