Don’t Worry Be Happy: Workers Satisfaction

workers satisfaction


Every employer likes to say that their workplace is a happy one. You don’t want to be known as the business that’s a nightmare to work for.


If your employees are happy, they’re less likely to cut corners just to get the job over with. A lack of concern for the job leads to an increased likeliness of workplace injuries. That sure isn’t going to make said employee like the job any better, and it’s not going to do your company’s reputation or wallet any favors.


Want to lower chances of workplace injuries? You’ll want to make sure your organization encourages caring about not only the physical, but mental well being of your employees.


Make the Workplace a Positive Environment


If a positive work environment can make an employee’s satisfaction, a negative work environment can break it. Remember the golden rule. Treat your employees the way you would want to be treated, and encourage them to act the same way.


Employers are not the only contributors to the workplace environment. Are your employees treating each other in a friendly or, at the very least, professional manner? One toxic co-worker can impact an employee’s opinion of your organization and, as a result, cause resentment and apathy towards doing their job correctly and safely.


Recognize and Reward


“I don’t need to give my employees prizes for doing their jobs,” you might be saying to yourself. “This isn’t kindergarten.”


While your employees are indeed adults and should be treated as such, even adults like a little praise every now and again. When was the last time a superior told you that you had done a good job on a certain task, or that they liked an idea you pitched? They didn’t have to, but it made you feel more compelled to keep up the good work, right?


It can be as simple as a quick ‘good job’ or can even include incentives such as t-shirts or other company gear as a thank you for their hard work. Either way, show your employees that you’re watching. It will encourage hard work, and discourage sloppiness once they realize you’re keeping an eye out for the bad stuff too.



Invest in Worker Potential


Who doesn’t like to have someone show a little faith in them? We’ve all seen movies with plucky heroes who just needed someone to give them half a chance to prove themselves. They wouldn’t be very interesting if no one did, would they?


Maybe you’ve got a new employee who’s really picked up on welding. They’re not great, but with more experience, they could be outstanding. If that employee feels discouraged in their skills, and they will feel dissatisfied with their jobs and either quit, or continue to perform, but poorly.


Even the highest-ranking employer at any organization started somewhere. Remember when you were the new kid at an entry-level job? Remember what you liked or hated about that workplace? Take those memories and learn from them, in order to keep your workplace’s environment in a positive light.

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