Announcing Our 2018 Safety Hero of the Year

iReportSource Safety Hero of the Year

In our every day working world, there are very real heroes who walk among us. Often times, these heroes go unrecognized…or they go without appreciation.

These are our Safety Heroes.

It’s these safety leaders who fervently establish safe work environments. They work tirelessly to ensure the companies we work for remain viable and as safe as possible.

These Safety Heroes protect our friends and family, allowing them to return home at the end of each shift.

The Votes Are In…

This year we asked YOU to vote for the Safety Hero of the year. The votes are tallied, and the results are in!

Congratulations to Chris Snyder, Safety Coordinator for the City of Fairfield, Ohio, who is our 2018 Safety Hero the Year!

Thanks for all you do to support the health and safety for the community and for all workers of the City of Fairfield.

Chris embodies just what it means to be a true Safety Hero. “Safety is about more than an individual – it’s about that individual’s family. It’s so important for workers to be safe because they have people that love and depend on them waiting at home, says Chris. “Their loved ones are depending on them to be safe. To come home the same as when they left,” he adds.

Early in Chris’ career, he was a computer animation guru. It just so happened that he was working on safety posters and videos that led to his interest in the field of safety. He is a jack of all safety trades: author of safety manuals and expert in safety improvement, Snyder has spent most of his 30+ year career in the aviation sector helping companies implement a culture of safety.

Fast forward to today, and he’s been involved in safety for 25+ years. Ask him what he could change about safety, and how it’s viewed and managed, and he says he hopes more and more companies see safety as a true strategic priority—rather than seeing it as a side function of the business.

“Some companies look at safety as a spot they must fill to satisfy regulatory requirements. It needs to be incorporated in the overall business plan so everyone knows the importance of safety,” he says.

Congratulations to nominees Danielle Smith, Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety at Lykin’s Energy Solutions and Wes Golden, Health and Safety Manager, City of Clarksville, for also being nominated for Safety Hero of the Year.

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Know a Safety Hero Who Should be Nominated in 2019?

If you or someone you know deserve a bit of “thanks” and appreciation, nominate them as a Safety Hero. Click here to fill out the form. 

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