88: The SafetyPro Podcast in 2020

Safety in 2020

2019 – It was a year of change and growth for me, both personally and professionally: new partnerships, new professional connections, conferences.

The podcast growth was significant last year – it has been growing exponentially year over year since the start, but last year it saw a lot of growth. I was able to expand the podcast in new ways thanks to the growing popularity of podcasts as well as more ways to find and enjoy podcasts. Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio all jumped into the podcast offering space. Also, Google finally offered its official podcast app – although it may have missed the train as most Android users have been listening to podcasts via other podcast apps available to them for several years now.

SafetyPro Podcast

I was also able to expand the podcast by partnering with other podcast networks. You can now hear this podcast on Safety FM network – while I maintain independence, this partnership allows them to re-broadcast episodes. At the same time, I keep creative control and the ability to expand the podcast even more!


2019 also had the podcast on the road for the first time. VPPPA was kind enough to host me at their National Safety+ Symposium in New Orleans. I was able to meet many podcast listeners and even interview a few – a first for the podcast. It was a successful event, and they have invited me back for the 2020 Symposium in Orlando.


I got to meet Wesley Carter from the Amplify Your Process Safety Podcast and interview him – a SafetyPro podcast first!


Another podcast first was my interview with a podcast listener, Diana Paredes – she shared some great insight, and it was so much fun meeting a listener in person.


My interviews also included none other than Abby Ferri – who spoke at the VPPPA Safety+ Symposium as well. Her perspective on PPE for women generated a lot of feedback from listeners that continue to deal with form and fit – which impacts function, regarding protective equipment for women at work. I hope to have her back soon to share more about workplace safety.


Frank King was also one of my guests; it was a fun yet sobering conversation about mental health and how companies need to make it a part of our overall safety and health programs. Frank has some excellent information for companies wanting to do just that – please be sure to connect with Frank on LinkedIn as well.


I wrapped up my trip to New Orleans by interview some VPPPA Board members – you have to check out that interview if you haven’t already. It is clear why VPPPA is a leading workplace safety association, and you should seriously consider what they can do for you.

Finally, I made more professional connections in 2019, as well. The podcast has connected me to some incredible professionals. Many of which I have come to know well over the past year. Most of my connections are via LinkedIn – so if we are not connected yet, feel free to reach out.

2020 is looking to be another banner year as well. I have three conferences lined up; I will be presenting at two of them in Ohio and podcasting from one of them as well. The third is the previously mentioned VPPPA National Safety+ Symposium, where I will be conducting more interviews with speakers, VIPs as well as podcast listeners.

I also have other plans for 2020 – including some big interviews with industry leaders and influencers. Interviews will not become a significant part of the podcast, but I will be adding some here and there. So I will announce these as we get closer to releasing the episodes.

I also talked to a lot of listeners asking for more details and downloads about specific topics. While I try my best to offer enough information and links for each topic I cover, there is certainly room for more. The issue for me is the time needed to put together more materials.

That is why I am launching a Patreon subscription program for those looking for more substance – whether that be explainer videos, demonstrations, downloads, etc. I will have member-only posts, feedback, and offers via this subscription. Keep in mind, the podcast and blog is my first focus – Patreon memberships are only supplemental and are not the end goal of the podcast. So nothing, and I mean nothing changes about the podcast. I have heard from enough listeners looking for more information that I wanted to create an avenue for them.

Another launch in 2020 will be a membership option for consultants – I hear from plenty of you looking to attract more customers, offer more services, and leverage social media to that end. I have some unique insights and strategies for this and want to share with those that are serious about helping more companies protect their workers. I am talking about tools like templates, downloads, coaching videos, links to must-have business tools, marketing techniques, and more.

2020 is going to be another growth year for the podcast. I hope to continue to learn from you – the listeners, about how you work, what you are looking to learn more about, and how I can be a part of your professional growth.

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