3 Reasons OSHA’s Regulation Changes don’t have to be a Big Deal!

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Some people love change. Mixing up your regular routine and stepping up to a challenge? Bring it on! Some people, on the other hand, hate change. Things seem fine, why fix what isn’t broken? Either way, change is one of those inevitable things in life. In the world of safety tracking, change is on the horizon.

If you’re a leader in the business world, you’re more than likely aware of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more commonly known as OSHA. There have been recent regulation changes implemented with the goal of giving employers the data they need in order to figure out where their safety measures are lacking.

If your company is already on top of tracking workplace safety or using an app or program like iReportSource, you don’t need to be as concerned. To those who aren’t, these recordkeeping regulations could have a bigger impact on your current business processes than you might think.

You’ve got enough to worry about in the business world. Let iReportSource help you take some of the workload off.

There are plenty of reasons using iReportSource as your company’s means of workplace safety reporting will make OSHA’s regulation changes less overwhelming. We could go on all day, so here are the top three:

Make the Submittal Process Painless

Through the new regulations, you can submit forms in three ways: electronic form, CSV upload and API integration. Electronic forms are what most companies use, as the method requires less time upfront.

The technology of today was designed with convenience in mind, so why not use your laptop and smartphone to keep your workplace safe? All data is submitted and saved through the iReportSource app and portal electronically, which will make the submittal process even easier.

Make Injury Reporting Simple

It’s kind of the most important part of these new regulations. Workplace injuries are going to happen, and companies need easy access to the reports involved in order to better their safety practices.

Reporting in itself is a time-consuming process, but with our app, workers will be able to report incidents on their smartphones on site, and they can even submit their own photos from the incident. This will not only make the process faster, but will allow for better accuracy within the report.

Make Data Consolidation User-Friendly

The main reasoning behind the regulation changes relates to ensuring data is secured for future reference. Paper forms work fine, but unlike electronic forms, they can be lost or damaged over time. On top of that, organizations have generally needed better accountability when it comes to keeping record of workplace injuries. Smaller businesses have been known to cut corners when it comes to safety for budgeting purposes, and that needs to be stopped.

The iReportSource portal puts all the confusing, overwhelming data OSHA and your organization needs and puts it all in one easy to navigate dashboard. You’ll be able to notice injury trends quickly if you don’t have to wade through a stack of spreadsheets. And do you remember what we said about accuracy earlier? The more accurate the reports are, the more valuable the data will be.

When there are big policy changes, it can be harrowing to a business owner, no matter how big or small. Our goal is to take the burden of the safety reporting and recording process off your shoulders. Check out ireportsource.com to find out how.

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