Perspectives from EHS Leaders & Influencers

3 Ways to Create an Exceptional Employee Safety Experience

It can be tempting to think that a high salary or great benefits is what helps you attract and keep safety workers engaged and happy in their roles. But research shows that is not necessary the case—rather, it’s about the entire employee experience—not just the idea...


The Top 30 Responsibilities of Any Safety Officer

30 of the top responsibilities every Safety Officer has today.

The Top Challenges Facing Leaders Today ireportsource blog

What Are the Top Challenges Facing Leaders Today?

What are the top challenges facing leaders today? And what questions should they be asking themselves and others in the company?

5 Steps to Curb Complacency In the Workplace

Here is what you can be sure you are doing to reduce complacency in the workplace.

What Is HR’s Role in Safety?

What is HR’s role in ensuring the health and safety of workers?

How to Apply the Hierarchy of Controls to Keep Workers Safe

This is how to apply the hierarchy of controls to keep your workers as safe as possible.

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Safety Heroes

zach DeLoach ireportsource safety hero

Zach DeLoach

This passionate Safety Hero knows changes don’t just happen overnight.

Wesley R. Carter, CCPSC

Wesley R. Carter, CCPSC

Wesley Carter has a relentless focus on continuous improvement as a safety leader.

ann schubert ireportsource safety hero

Ann Schubert

Ann Schubert, ES&H Manager for AECOM, is a dedicated, passionate safety leader who others describe as a great mentor and leader.

Louise Vallee CSP CIH CPE ireportsource safety hero

Louise Vallee CSP CIH CPE

Louise Vallee CSP CIH CPE is a passionate, inclusive and dynamic safety leader.

Glenna Smith, CMSP

Glenna Smith, CMSP is a dedicated safety...
colleen davlin safety hero ireportsource

Colleen Davlin, MS, CSP

Colleen Davlin explains why top executives need to be involved and engaged with safety.

ireportsource safety hero mark handel EHS and training manager

Mark Handel

Mark Handel has a unique background and approach to safety.

ireportsource safety hero Shane Zimmerman

Shane Zimmerman

Safety Hero Shane Zimmerman says the future of safety is up to us.

pam Walaski, CSP ireportsource safety hero

Pam Walaski, CSP, CHMM

Pam Walaski, CSP, CHMM has provided health, safety, and environmental support for clients for more than two decades.

jack jackson ireportsource safety hero

Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson’s superpower is that he’s a motivator.