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106: Emergency Action Planning & Response

106: Emergency Action Planning & Response

In this episode, podcast host Blaine sits down with repeat guest, Wesley Carter of Amplify Process Safety, LLC to talk about a critical topic that can often be taken for granted—emergency action planning. Wes has more than 11 years of experience in Process Safety and...

Dawn Yates

Dawn Yates

This Safety Hero talks about a catastrophic explosion that changed her mindset on supporting safety.

103: COVID-19 Masks Should Have No Valves

103: COVID-19 Masks Should Have No Valves

Listen to the podcast below, where we answer the question: Do valves on respirators impact their effectiveness? (Here's the LinkedIn post that started this conversation, making it a great topic for a podcast.) The purpose of a respirator’s exhalation valve is to...

102: How to Audit Your Leadership Approach During COVID-19

102: How to Audit Your Leadership Approach During COVID-19

More than three weeks into the pandemic-driven cascade of cancelations, closings, and social distancing, U.S. workplaces are experiencing unprecedented disruption -- and it's measurable. Here's what has changed in a stunningly short period of time (comparing Gallup...

101: COVID-19 – Masks, Face Coverings and LinkedIn Trolls

NOTICE: Published April 30, 2020 - The information in this post/episode is subject to change. The new CDC face-covering recommendations do not change the MASK guidance. So what is new? What is the same? Let's talk about that in this episode. Essentially, the CDC...

100: Celebrating ONE HUNDRED Episodes

100 Episodes! Thanks to all the listeners that helped make this happen - you are the reason I continue to produce this podcast. Here's to the next 100 episodes!

99: COVID-19 – To Mask or Not?

NOTICE: Published April 1, 2020 - The information in this post/episode is subject to change. All of the discussions about surgical masks got me thinking; what do we know about viruses (CVID-19 or others), and what are the EXPERTS saying? I wanted to explore this topic...

98: COVID-19 – To Clean or To Disinfect? Or Both?

UPDATE: The CDC has made changes to workplace guidance as of March 21, 2020, which may make some of the information on this post obsolete: Updated cleaning and disinfection guidance Updated best practices for conducting social distancing Updated strategies and...

84: Safety Management System Pt 5 – Breaking Down ANSI/ASSP Z10

We know by now that the application of a safety management system (SMS) can drastically improve organizational safety performance. Even OSHA's Partnership program, VPP, relies on management system principles, and you can see the results that participants encounter on...

86: Got Employee Engagement?

How workers show up each day directly shapes your culture. To be an engaged, safe, productive culture, we want our people highly involved and deeply committed to the company mission. No doubt that today, many organizations are seeking to create and sustain this kind...

87: 5 Ways to Promote Accountability

Are concepts like "responsibility" and "being held accountable" viewed negatively by your employees? Most likely, it's because leaders have tried to mandate responsibility from the top down. But that's not how responsibility works. People are intrinsically motivated...

89: 5 OSHA Agenda Items to Watch

OSHA has a decent list of regulatory agenda items. While I don't want to go through them all, I do want to highlight five that I think are particularly impactful. Safety professionals always need to be looking ahead at what is coming so we can prepare our employers,...

88: The SafetyPro Podcast in 2020

2019 - It was a year of change and growth for me, both personally and professionally: new partnerships, new professional connections, conferences. The podcast growth was significant last year - it has been growing exponentially year over year since the start, but last...


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