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The Top 30 Responsibilities of any Safety Officer

If a Safety Officer doesn’t take full responsibility of their job and role, people get hurt.

At iReport, that’s part of what motivates us to equip safety leaders to have the data that matters most, in the moments that matter most, to help keep people safe.

5 Steps to Curb Complacency In the Workplace

Steve Mercer CSP, OHST, HSE Consultant at NASA, knows there are several signs of a company whose workers could be at risk of becoming complacent.

Complacency is a state of mind where a worker is out of touch with the hazards and risks around them. Often times, complacency happens over time, where workers take the conditions or the context around the for granted.

The Top Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Exposure in 2020

The role of safety manager is changing. The future workforce will not work for an unsafe company. Choosing the right strategy has created new challenges for workplace safety with the ever-changing technology and emphasis on culture.

To keep pace with innovation and remain adaptable, you need cutting edge knowledge and the training to match.

4 Ways to Continually Improve Workplace Safety

Imagine this: you’re about to walk into the boardroom to present the latest numbers on safety and costs avoided for a monumental project.

The project is one of the biggest your company’s ever taken on. 

Do you have confidence in doing so? Are you able to share the story, backed by numbers, of how your safety culture is making a difference in terms of the ROI of the project? 

What Are the Top Challenges Facing Leaders Today?

1. Leaders need to redefine what “leadership” means to their organizations. They should be questioning, “What do we need in our organization today that we don’t have?”

2. Leaders need to be continually learning, changing and growing according to their organization’s needs. They need to be continually pushing outside of their comfort zone and discovering how they can make the greatest impact for their organization.

4 Ways to Continually Improve Workplace Safety

Safety walk-arounds: they might be something you’re doing, but are you getting the most out of them? 

Walk-arounds are one of the top ways we can work against complacency and also make sure hazards and risks are identified and then resolved. Keep reading to see 5 practical ways you can make your upcoming walk-arounds as effective as possible.