Does your behavior earn you trust and respect and uphold the values of your company—or do you tend to not set a good example for others?

Do you provide ongoing investment in safety activities and programs—or do you avoid or minimize safety investments?

And…is safety formally and informally integrated into your organization’s DNA—or is it only enforced when it has to be, or “just” for the sake of compliance?

Ask yourself these questions and more below to decide if you’re a Safety Hero—or zero! 

ireportsource infographic are you a safety hero or safety zero

Improve Your Safety Culture with iReportSource

You have a lot on your plate…But iReportSource helps you own safety and become the master of your culture:   

  •  Record, report and minimize safety incidents in the field and in the office using iReport.
  •  Understand your existing safety culture and reinforce the positive aspects, bit by bit, so you can improve the employee experience.

Get in touch to learn more about how you can own your safety culture and prevent injuries before they happen with iReport.

To see the PDF version of the Safety Hero or Zero infographic, click here.