Let’s Partner!

Help clients implement strong workplace safety practices to enable the best outcomes.

Let’s Partner

Help clients implement strong workplace safety practices to enable the best outcomes.

We are working to build an ecosystem of Best-in-Class providers to the EHS industry. Our partners are an extension of our team and vice versa. We want to enable our customers & yours to achieve a zero-injury workplace. We can help. We know that you can too. 



I offer Safety Products to EHS Professionals

You sell safety equipment, supplies and/or technology-based products to Safety Directors, Plant Managers and Business Owners to fulfill their need to have the best safety products available. Offer iReport as one of your innovative solutions.

What’s included:

  • Marketing assets: banners for your website and/or newsletters, social media
  • Ability to nominate your customers to be profiled in our Safety Heroes features
  • Quarterly report of customer referrals

Model: We pay you commission for sales generated

Value-Added Reseller

I offer consulting, training or insurance services

Your clients look to you to help them determine what their safety program should be, implement best practices, training and monitor progress. They rely on you when something happens.  You might be their first call.  iReport can help you, help them implement & monitor their safety practices, use the data to make intelligent decisions and collaborate easily when an incident happens. Bundling iReport with your services makes this seamless and cost effective.

What’s included:

  • Ability to white-label to build your brand
  • Free custom demo license
  • Co-marketing opportunities: webinars, profiled as an expert on our blog, joint speaking opportunities, marketing assets for your website, newsletters, etc.
  • Your own dashboard to stay in touch with how your clients are doing
  • Product roadmap updates – so you know what’s coming
  • Ability to customize reporting
  • Assigned contact at iReport

Model:  Purchase licenses directly at favorable pricing & resell to your clients


Ensure Best Practices and Compliance

Establish that all users, whether it be employees, supervisors or witnesses, have the tools to capture the necessary data through a series of pictures, videos and voice memos with required fields. 

Lower Costs & Improve Outcomes

Reinforce best practices everyday to secure consistency. Stay OSHA compliant with pre-populated, automated record generation that classifies reportables & recordables.

Sync Teams to Foster Collaboration 

With one workspace, eliminate the siloed, disconnected, paper-based process and reduce the time to process claims. You can even get quick notifications and collaborate with your clients to manage situations as they occur, improving outcomes. 

Measure KPIs to Optimize Performance

Define clear metrics for your clients’ unique key performance indicators, such as behavior-based observations, near-miss incidents, time tracking for overdue audit items, training processes, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Alliance Partner?

Alliance Partners of iReportSource are typically those who provide services to their clients to help them lower their risk and improve their business: Safety Consultants, HR Consultants, Business Consultants, Insurance Agents or Brokers, Third Party Administrators and Attorneys. Even companies that sell best-in-class safety products & equipment can be Alliance Partners.

They work with us in one of two ways:

  1. Bundle iReport into their service offering to make it easier to stay connected to what’s going on with their client and deepen the relationship. iReport can be white-labeled so that you are building your brand.
  2. Sell iReport and receive a commission.
Do you help me market to my clients?

Yes! When you join our Alliance Program, minimally you will be supplied with a range of banners and social media assets to place in your marketing materials. For those Alliance Partners that bundle iReport into their services, we’ll work with you to customize a marketing program to meet your needs: webinars, profiling you as an expert on our blog, joint articles, events and more.

How are sales tracked?

If you choose the Affiliate Program, we’ll track everything in our system for you! Every quarter, we’ll send you an earnings report and a check once your earnings reach $25 or more.

Do you have any training program for alliance partners?

Yes –  We’ll walk you through everything that you need to know to successfully incorporate the iReportSource technology into your clients’ workers’ comp & safety practices.

I’m ready! How do I get started?

Few simple steps:

  1. Fill out our form online – https://ireportsource.com/alliance-program/contact/
  2. Our team will review your application.
  3. Once accepted, we’ll be in touch to construct a program that works best for you.
I have further questions. Who can I talk to for help?

Email our team at support@ireportsource.com , and someone will get back to you shortly.

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In the instance where a worker violated safety policy and ignored trained practices, iReportSource gave us the proof we needed in order for the citation to be dismissed. 

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