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Help clients easily implement workplace safety practices to enable the best outcomes.

Let’s Partner

Help clients implement the best workplace safety practices to enable the best outcomes.

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Ensure Best Practices and Compliance

Establish that all users, whether it be employees, supervisors or witnesses, have the tools to capture the necessary data through a series of pictures, videos and voice memos with required fields. 

Lower Costs & Improve Outcomes

Reinforce best practices everyday to secure consistency. Stay OSHA compliant with pre-populated, automated record generation that classifies reportables & recordables.

Sync Teams to Foster Collaboration 

With one workspace, eliminate the siloed, disconnected, paper-based process and reduce the time to process claims. You can even get quick notifications and collaborate with your clients to manage situations as they occur, improving outcomes. 

Measure KPIs to Optimize Performance

Define clear metrics for your clients’ unique key performance indicators, such as behavior-based observations, near-miss incidents, time tracking for overdue audit items, training processes, and more.

In the instance where a worker violated safety policy and ignored trained practices, iReportSource gave us the proof we needed in order for the citation to be dismissed. 

Joe Arway

Holland Roofing

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