Our Story


“I’m Christi Brown, founder of iReportSource. When I was 4 years old, my father injured himself on the job. His company did not keep accurate records of other similar safety issues and hazards around the workplace, and as a result, my father had a life-changing injury. Aside from the liability it creates for companies, a lack of updated records on safety hazards around a workplace creates an ongoing risk for employees. I started iReportSource to change that.

iReportSource is an online software that allows company stakeholders to easily document and track safety issues, complaints, reports, and accidents around the workplace. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate many workplace injuries and accidents by providing data and metrics to keep Safety and HR teams aware at any time of potential safety risks around the workplace. Currently, most companies record and manage their workplace claims and safety issues via paper, spreadsheets and a filing cabinet. We bring all of these forms online and easily accessible at anytime.”

Christi Brown – Founder – iReportSource