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fully functioning safety and accident reporting app with dashboard for data analysis

reinvent safety

configurable app for individual business industries to simplify saftey and injury reporting

streamlined process

proactive safety management at your fingertips, forms for all types of safety reporting without the need for extensive training

skipping the hassle of hand entered and collected data

accurate data collection

step by step instructions; required fields walk you through data entries so you collect all necessary data

collected data run analysis for active and preventative actions

risk prevention

we compile big data into useful and actionable insights for data driven decision making

an app for process improvement and data collection

built to save you time and keep your company running smooth

fully equipped portal to handle incoming reports and analyze with predictive statistics


was designed to take on the challenge of streamlining safety management and improving the way companies process injury reports.

Built with employees and employers in mind, we have come up with the perfect solution to make the process of reporting all types of incidents and inspections as quick and painless as possible with the added benefit of accurate and formatted data. You will never have to run around looking to fill in the blanks, and everything is processed through immediately so you don't have to spend extra time waiting for the information to arrive at your desk.

  • built for accuracy
  • designed for all types of users
  • created for speed and simplicity

It all started in...

2014 after meeting with many employers who were frustrated at how inefficient and time consuming accident reporting was, Christi Brown realized that something needed to change. She then went on to found iReport with the goal of creating an easy to use, time efficient and more accurate way to report accidents.


No longer do employers have to spend valuable time chasing down reports that often times were incorrect, because iReport gives users an easy to use platform where you can quickly file incident reports without the need for incident report training. In addition to this ease of use, iReport also compiles this information and helps you identify areas of risk so you can more efficiently keep your company running smoothly.

ireport was born in 2014 and has so far had two released versions working toward third release in 2017


Idea for iReport was born


First version of iReport was released


Second version of iReport was launched


Third version to be launched

  • Process Definition Tool

    With iReport you can define the safety process for your organization. Rules are created to determine how the activities progress across the work flow and which controls are in place to govern each activity. Dynamic changes to the business process can be changed by selected people within the organization with administrative clearance.

  • Task Initiation and Control

    Keep your team engaged and accountable for the safety management by assigning the appropriate human and IT resources are scheduled and/or engaged to complete each activity as the process progresses.

  • Rules Based Decision Making

    Rules are created for each step to determine how work flow related data is to be processed, routed, tracked, and controlled in iReport. As an example, one rule might generate email notifications when a condition has been met. Another rule might implement conditional routing of documents and tasks based on the content of fields. Still another might invoke a particular application to view data.

  • Dashboard Routing

    Its simple in iReport, easily pass files or folders from one recipient to another (e.g., an email attachment or assign as a collaborator). Collaborators can review and add documents and each person in the process can add their own comments without affecting the original document.

  • Dashboard and Analytics

    Manage your KPI's effectively and efficiently. iReport has an Operational Dashboard to let you know if you are on target for today and an analytical dashboard to set targets for tomorrow.

data analysis and predictive and preventative  system for a complete SaaS model

a dashboard layout for all business industries




Worker's Comp FROI

Worker's Comp Investigator

Near Miss

Auto Accidents





Customized App

Customizable Forms

GPS for Preferred Panel of Providers

Organizational Structure

Data Consolidation

User Roles & Permissions


Additional One Time Implementation Fee

Support and Learning Portal

Business Rules


Predictive Analysis for Safety Practices



emailed reports

pay per user

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manager emailed reports

unlimited users

company logo

user defined fields

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manager dashboard with email notifications

unlimited users

customized logo

configurable forms

available for iOS and android

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