Smart Workplace Safety

An app for process improvement and data collection

Streamlined Process

Proactive safety management at your fingertips, forms for all types of safety reporting without the need for extensive training.

Accurate Data Collection

Step by step instructions; required fields walk you through data entries so you collect all necessary data.

Risk Prevention

We compile big data into useful and actionable insights for data driven decision making.


was designed to take on the challenge of streamlining safety management and improving the way companies process injury reports.

Built with employees and employers in mind, we have come up with the perfect solution to make the process of reporting all types of incidents and inspections as quick and painless as possible with the added benefit of accurate and formatted data. You will never have to run around looking to fill in the blanks, and everything is processed through immediately so you don’t have to spend extra time waiting for the information to arrive at your desk.

  • built for accuracy
  • designed for all types of users
  • created for speed and simplicity

Available for iOS and Android